Preheating Rechargeable 2ml/2.5ml/3.0ml Wholesale CBD Disposable Vape Pen for Delta 8/THC/THCO/THCP/HHC


  • Dual air channels
  • Anti-clogging
  • Rechargeable
  • Multiple extract compatibility
  • 316L stainless steel center rod
  • Innovation and upgrade 4.3mm coil
  • Smooth mouth to lung taste
  • Easy filling system
  • Type-C charging port,more stable and faster

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Type Rechargeable Preheat Disposable
Dimension 21*12.5*90.6mm  (Note to ODM)
Battery Capacity 380mAh
Tank Capacity 2.0ml
Output Voltage 3.6v
Charging Port Type C
Battery Casing Material Aluminum Alloy
Casing Finish Anodized
Tank Material Medical Grade PCTG
Coil Material Patented Ceramic Coil
Resistance 1.2Ω
Intake Hole 4*1.8mm/2*1.5mm or customize
Center Post 316L stainless steel center rod

We have 8 years of experience in the vape industry. Since we entered the vape field in 2014, we have been continuously working in this industry and have rich experience from raw material procurement to customer supply-side sales. We have always been committed to providing customers with high cost performance vape pen products.We manufacture and wholesale not only high-quality CBD Disposable Vape Pens, but also Vape Cartridges, Vape Batteries, Custom CBD Vape Packagings and CBD filling & capping machine.

Our every new disposable CBD vape pen product takes at least 2 months from design to development to trial production.

On the lead-free rechargeable disposable vape development side:
We design and continuously adjust the resistance value of our heavy metal test passed vape pen, the size of the oil inlet hole, the porosity of the ceramic core, select the matching heating wire and optimize the gas according to the extraction method of the customer’s oil, the composition and type of the oil, and the high temperature resistance of the oil. Road structure, adjust the size of the airflow, so that our CBD disposable vape pen can be better used by customers, and consumers have the best experience of using it.

On the raw material side of disposable vape pen:
1. Our disposable vape pen oil tank is made of PCTG material, the center tube is made of lead-free copper, and the heating ceramic core has an exclusive patent, which is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.
2. The battery cell of the Vape pen are made of grade A battery cell, which it’s good quality, long battery life and sufficient capacity.
3. The vape pen solution board is provided by well-known domestic brands, and the quality of the board is high and the sensitivity of the microphone head is high.
4. The heating wire is developed by a well-known laboratory in China (Ningbo Materials Research Institute), with fast heating, good taste and high stability.
5. Vape pen Appearance structure process, using high-precision mold processing, the overall appearance is exquisite, smooth lines, fashionable and beautiful.

On the manufacturing side:
We have a complete set of strict quality control vape pen production process, which makes our disposable vape pen stable in quality, excellent in customer experience, and deeply trusted and loved by customers.

The trust and love by our customers is the greatest trust and support for us, and it is also the biggest driving force for us to continuously strive to provide customers with better products and services and create higher value for customers.

1.Immediately cap the top cover well once filling finished to avoid leaking
2.Let it sit for a while after filling, leading to a much better vaping experience

Please call for discounts on Wholesale order if larger quantities:
telephone-outContact us for customized OEM/ODM service, we help put your logo on products and packagings
phone-iphoneContact us if you need an oil filling service because we have the different kinds of machine for filling different kinds of vape pens

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