Build the foundation of quality

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How Do We Build The Foundation Of Quality?

Adhering to the high standards of product quality and high requirements, responsible for customers with our own principles.

Before new products are put into the market, we will carry out various tests for all round inspection, so as to ensure the stability of product quality as far as possible, letting customers rest assured without any worry.

For example, the composition analysis of raw materials and various functional tests, the heat, cold, dry and moisture resistance tests of samples and finished products, the simulated high altitude and low pressure tests, and the simulated transportation vibration tests.

Experimental Capability

• With a comprehensive research lab,Currently we own more than 70 experimental instruments, over 300 experiment items, cover from raw material chosen, prototype, IQC, production, delivery, etc.

• Lab’s experiment items could cover most of the Ecig safety researches and tests required by the different countries regulations.

• It provides more guaranty to the safety of raw materila and finsihed products. ·


Raw Material Lab: Material testing for various requirements and indicators of raw materials
• Function Lab: Functional testing of semi-finished and finished products
• Sampling Monitoring Lab: For repeated testing and observation of samples for new projects• ROHS Analysis Lab:Various analyses for ROHS certificate requirements
• Ingredients Analysis Lab: Research the compositional analysis of different products
• Environment Lab: Simulate various low temperature and high temperature environments for testing
• Transportation Simulation Lab: Simulate various modes of transportation for testing

Quality Control System

• Battery Overcharge Explosion-proof Box: This testing machine is mainly used for battery overcharge and overdischarge, charge and discharge test,
the battery can be placed in the explosion-proof box with external charge and discharge tester for the operator and instrument protection.

• Smoke Fog Tester: The product is suitable for salt spray corrosion test of parts, electronic components, protective layer of
metal materials and industrial products.

• Aeroplane Cabin Pressure Analog Machine: Simulating whether the battery and battery pack can be stored at low pressure without leakage, exhaust,
disintegration, rupture and fire.

• Rohs Tester: European Union RoHS, halogen environmental detection and analysis, spectrometers, copper,
stainless steel composition analysis, metal coating thickness measurement, electroplating solution and coating content determination.

Quality Control System

• High Frequency Machine: The high frequency wave is first fused and then cut off simultaneously through the pressure device equipped with the machine.

• Cell Divider: Capacity sorting and performance screening by selecting qualified batteries through capacity and performance tests.

• Constant Temperature & Humiditv Tester: Equipment for testing the performance of materials in various environments and testing the heat, cold, dry and moisture resistance of various materials.

• Thermal Shock Testing Machine: Applicable for testing the battery performance in the rapidly heating environment.

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